We’re A Family Run Dispensary In Oklahoma City

Our medical marijuana dispensary was founded Autumn 2018 by Shawn Carson and Mike Carson – all born and raised in this great state and ready to bring the healing power of marijuana to Oklahoma. We’re guided by three main principles: authenticity, professionalism, and community.


This cannabis shop is a local operation, a true small business. We run the dispensary day-to-day and grow our own cannabis. Being hands on at every step allows us to interact with clients with integrity. When you visit or give us a call, you’re speaking with someone with a vested interest in your happiness and a job well done.


As one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries open in Oklahoma City, we’re pioneers. We get to shape cannabis culture in Oklahoma and we take this very seriously. Our shop is clean, well stocked, and organized. We’ve created a space accessible to all, where the focus is on spreading knowledge and appreciation for the many benefits and uses of marijuana.


The heart of our entire business is sharing this wonderful, powerful plant with as many people as possible. Think of us as the intermediary between Mother Earth and you. We’re grateful for the new Oklahoma laws that allow us to provide you with such an incredible source of relief and balance.


Mother Earth Knows Best!

Visit our shop to see our full menu of medical marijuana strains, CBD products, tools, and accessories.

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